JONAH 3:4 “Yet 40 Days and this nation will be overthrown”

As an intercessor and prayer leader for over two decades, there is only one other season in my ministry where I sensed such an urgency to gather corporate prayer. My father was the president of  All Night All India Prayer for many years; and we have seen the power and effect of united, fervent prayer in that nation!

This is a moment we cannot sit down and wait for the storm to pass (as Jonah desired to do); but arise and pray!

The 40 Days of Prayer 2020 vision; is to call for forty days of non-stop prayer from September 26th to November 4th.  We are calling for at least 40 churches to commit to cover one 24 hour period of non-stop prayer.

For each church that registers;

  • You can select a date from our registration page
  • Your church/group will be responsible for coordinating prayer leaders/teams to cover a 24 hour period from 8 am that day, until 8 am the next day
  • You will receive a zoom invitation if you have questions, or need help preparing your teams
  • In the coming week, you will receive a link to a prayer guide by email

40 Days of Prayer is led by Gideon’s Army Ministries and several prayer ministries coming together to call the nation to a time of intense, non-stop prayer. Pastor Doug Stringer, with Somebody Cares International, Dr Sheba & Lazarus George from Newman Intl Academy, Dr Rudy & Gilda Buenos with Ask Jesus Now ministries will help provide leadership to these 40 days of prayer.