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Your god is your belly

God gave me an instruction in 2008, “Fast and pray for the next 40 days.” I was in prayer during the early morning between 3 and 4 am when the Lord spoke a very profound word concerning our Nation and the people of God in the USA. This is what the Lord was saying, “Your god is your belly. So I am calling a fast of 40 days to repent for the sins of this nation. Why do my people falter between two opinions? Who are they going to serve, are they going to serve their belly and mammon, or will they serve Jehovah God?”

Fasting in America?

Fasting in America seems like an impossible task. When I called for 40 days of fasting and prayer in 2008, I saw a vision in which youth were becoming instruments of terrorism and carrying out terror attacks on major businesses and malls. The same week on Fox news I heard a report that training young terrorists in this nation was the latest strategy of Al Queda. But God’s plan is to make these youths instruments of revival. Just like Daniel fasted and prayed till the answer came, we need to fast and pray until we see our youths turning to God in the multitudes and praying on their campuses. With current President Obama calling America a non-Christian nation and becoming the number one proponent for gay and lesbian lifestyles, an abomination to God, the Godly protection over the nation has been removed. This president has surely opened the doors wide open for terrorist attacks and the wrath of God in this land, including our churches.

Man shall not live by bread alone but by every word from God. The first temptation of Jesus was about eating food. Satan cunningly asked Jesus “If You are the Son of God, command this stone to become bread,” when Jesus had just finished a 40 days fast (Luke 4:3). Our intimacy with God is closely related to our fasted lifestyle, if you prefer food over the things of God, you will not be sharp to hear and obey the voice of God. The spirit of slothfulness or slumber is heavy upon the churches, because we are full of meat and drink.

A few years ago several pastors in our county, the Fort Bend county met once a month in a specific church and prayed for the city. The very first meeting was held at the Grace Center and several pastors gathered praying for the city. But over the whole year the attendance was very low. If we went to a specific church, several people from the church showed up. But none of the other churches would come other than those who were helping lead the prayer. This was the trend, at the end of the year, the leaders decided that we should call the all the pastors for a dinner. When I went to the dinner I was very surprised to see the place full. The pastors who never showed up for the prayer gatherings were all there at the Dinner. This is the state of the Church in America, you call for Prayer and no one shows up, but if you call for a potluck dinner the place is packed out.

God is calling for a fasted lifestyle. It’s not just food that we are being asked to give up, but as in Isaiah 58 to also give ourselves to serve the destitute and the poor.

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